paid book promotion tips

Paid book promotion techniques

As well as your author platform, and social media channels, there are other ways to promote your book and your author profile.

Paid options are a great way to give your book a boost. Start by allocating a budget to spend on the marketing and promoting of your book. Make sure to add to the list incidental expenses such as travel, food and drinks when entertaining and meeting people.

This is best done when you have the other promotion strategies in place. If you are directing eyeballs to your message, you need to make sure the place you are directing people, for example, your author platform website to is going to work hard for you and your book.


Offer key reviewers advanced copies of your future books.

Say thank you to readers and influencers with special incentives for being a fan – emailed goodies – post them a personalised gift.

Mention time-limited freebies to your readers who will buy your book before a certain date, for example, a free copy of something else you offer, a 10-minute consultation, some of your premium checklists and guides. Get them to share they have bought your book on social media to qualify.

Paid advertising

Before your book launch, share your book content as a boosted post on Facebook. Video content is a good thing to promote since you can track how long someone has watched a video for. The longer they watch the video, the more likely they are to be a qualified lead. Facebook lets you track these people and reach out to them again with a follow up sequence of content leading them towards a book promotion. 

IndieBookPromos offers a paid listing service for authors and includes a nonfiction category. Book blogging sites are another option. Before you pay out any money, make sure you check the traffic for the site, using You don’t want to be paying for a placement no one will see!


Lower the price for your book to celebrate an event. Perhaps its first birthday or International Book Week. Using the KDP select program you can give your book away for free on occasions. This is great for getting more people to read your stuff. Who doesn’t like a freebie book on a topic that interests them?

Amazon’s give as a gift feature sends an email to an individual for them to claim a free copy. If you are speaking at an event, ask the organiser to send the vouchers on your behalf if they can’t or won’t share the contact details.

5 days out of every 90 you can run a free-price promotion on Amazon KDP Select. This allows you to give away your book for free. Set it up in your KDP account using the run a price promotion feature.

Don’t enable the digital rights management DRM option in your KDP dashboard. Yes, you might find your book being given away on free sites but more sharing means more people know about you!

Next up in the series, and my last post on book promotion is content marketing for business book authors.

See ya.