Which is better? Taking your time or “just get it out there.”

Here’s a quick thought on the just get it out there mentality. I rail against that with a passion. I hate just get it out there. Why? Well, I sort of don’t in a way, because there aren’t enough hours in the day to make sure everything’s perfect and if you’ve got a couple of typos in your blog post and you pick them up a week later, who cares?

If there are a few lumpy sentences in a document you’ve written, who cares? It’ll get fixed over time. A lot of people don’t notice, and if people really, really pick up on that sort of thing you might not want to work with them anyway.

So that’s fine. It gets picked up. It’ll get corrected. Those are minor mistakes. That sort of just get it out there, I think realistically when you’re working for yourself you have to do it that way. 

But the other thing is, you know, let’s imagine that I get my car MOT’d.

In the UK if your car’s over three years old you have to get it MOT’d to make sure it’s safe.

That’s there for a reason. That’s to make sure that when you make a journey in the car you’re going to get to the other end in one piece.

The technician will go through and he’ll check that the windscreen washers work, he’ll check that the headlights work, he’ll check that the brakes work. Once all those conditions are met then your car is safe and it’s good enough and it gets out there.

Because if any of those bits are missing, particularly things like the brakes, you know, “Oh, we’ve only got tread on three of the four tyres. Oh well, just get it out there.”

No, it’s not safe.

When people get in our books or join us on our courses, just like they join us in a journey in a car, they’re expecting us to be taking them in something roadworthy, something that’s going to get them from A to B safely and get a result. That’s what it’s like with a just get it out there course. What happens if you’ve missed out a fundamental step? What happens if one of your chapters is a bit half-assed and a bit bald on information like a bald tyre?

It’s not good enough, it’s not going to work.

That’s when just get it out there doesn’t work for me and why I rail against it, and why anybody I work with, I won’t let them just get it out there. We make it good enough, we make it fit for purpose, we make it safe. Okay?

So that’s my views on that. See you again.