At last! How to write your business book quickly – without cutting corners

Hi. I thought I’d tell you a little bit about what I got planned for the books this year.

I’ve had quite a lot of time to think about how I’ve been doing them. Now, I want to make a few changes. Taking the author out of the loop when it comes to writing a book, is the answer, I’ve decided.

I looked at all the people who struggled. Although I have had good results with publishing this year, 13 books, some have found it easier than others.

I do provide what I promised, but some people have not found the writing process as easy as I planned. Sometimes fear makes people freeze. Others stop following the path they should be on. That needed fixing.

So, I’ve thought about how do I help those people?

Gathering authors’ expertise and freeing them from writing

The way to help them is to take them out of the loop of writing a book as much as possible. Yes, it absolutely still has to have their expertise in it. It absolutely has to be their voice. I’m not talking about ghostwriting or any of that sort of nonsense or “stick a few blog posts together crud. ‘Rejigging‘ stuff that’s already written, all that low-level, poor quality, naff crap? No.

I’ve got to get the information out of their heads, onto the page, and tidy it up for them. They just devote their expertise, their systems, their results, so their “thing” can get to people. Everything else is done by me.

That’s going to mean changes.

A lot of the stuff I was doing before was done by me. I was doing the covers. I was doing the formatting. I was managing the project. That’s another thing I need to stop doing a little bit, as well. I need to take on some extra staff this year to help me do that. I’ve never really taken staff on before. I’ve always worked with freelancers, or it’s been a bit fits-and-starts. I’ve not needed a regular team all the time. So, that’s going to be new, but I’m going to do it.

That’s how it works. I’m working on rewriting the website again to take on this new angle and this new approach because I know that the less work I can make it for the author, and the more glory I can give them, the more they’re going to enjoy the process. So, that’s what I’m doing

See you.