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Chris Gardener went from chartered accountant to an international corporate career and has run his own businesses for 14 years. He’s been a business mentor and personal development coach for over 25 years. When his wife was diagnosed with an incurable tumour, it was a reminder of what’s really important in life – love, time and enjoyment. He developed the philosophy and framework set out in this book, which he used to redesign his own business and life.

Damien Fogg has been tinkering with money for years, and somewhere along the way figured out how to do alright out of it. Having invested in all nine major asset classes, he’s been round the block and has the bruises to show for it. Damien is entirely unsuited to be a financial advisor (despite having the qualifications and more letters after his name than you can shake a stick at) because he managed to make the topic vaguely interesting and put it all into terms that make sense.

Dan Highcock was injured in a motorbike accident at the age of five. Undeterred, his ‘can-do’ mindset has led him to become a Paralympic wheelchair basketball player and online personal trainer and nutrition coach. He first played basketball for the Liverpool Meteors for five years. Since then, he has played in Italian, Spanish, British and German professional wheelchair basketball teams.

James Boardman stared into the same dark abyss after leaving his beloved military career in the Royal Marines behind. An ex-commando, physical trainer and sniper, He is now an expert in helping men unscramble the chaos of life and lead more fulfiling lives. He now runs a successful coaching business for men aged 35+ and has helped thousands of people get their lives back on track.

John Lamerton is a lazy entrepreneur and investor. He balances running an ambitious lifestyle business with raising two young children. A former “hustler”, he now earns more money “working” 20 to 25 hours a week than he used to pulling all-nighters and “grinding” for 100+ hours per week. He now mentors fellow ambitious lifestyle business owners, teaching them how to design their business around their lifestyle.

John Lovato Jr. grew up in the fire service. Following in the footsteps of his father and grandfather, he’s a career officer who likes to win – and winning takes work. Founder and moderator of online community “Brotherhood Coaching”, John also offers firefighters a place to connect, support and share ideas and strategies with one singular vision – to leave the service better than we found it.

Lea Newman is the owner of Unstuck Yourself, a successful coaching practice that offers private and group coaching. Her practical solutions and no-nonsense approach to coaching make her a highly sought-after ally in life transformation. While the bulk of her education in personal development comes from her voracious appetite for research into positive psychology and lifestyle transformation, Lea also holds certifications in life coaching, health coaching, neuro-linguistic programming and more.

Liam Thompson is the founder of, a digital marketing agency for small businesses based in Cheshire in the UK. He also works as an online marketing consultant, author, speaker and business coach. Prior to that, Liam owned a successful online sports nutrition business that was approaching seven figures in yearly sales. He also uses his fitness background to help personal trainers and coaches get more clients and more success using the internet.

Luke John Harrison was plagued with crippling overthinking and anxiety for years. Struggling in a job he hated, numbing the pain with an over-indulgence of drugs, alcohol, not to mention womanising, his life was filled with endless heartache. By trial and error, Luke discovered the secret to calming overthinking by abandoning goal setting and coming up with his own strategy. With a massive passion to help fellow sufferers, Luke wrote this book to assist you to reclaim your future and live the happier, more fulfilled life you crave.

Manny Wolfe works with people all over the world who want to transform their lives through communication mastery, mindset mastery and internal transformation. His story is nothing less than a testament to what we can achieve when we never give up belief in ourselves and our ability to create our reality.

Martin O’Neill, a renouned instructor, has been studying Jeet Kune Do and martial arts for more than four decades and has real-life experience of using his training effectively in combatant situations as well as in the gym. He also offers advice on training, being mentally prepared and shares a detailed 12-week workout programme in this book.

Nikki Love is a body movement geek (qualified personal trainer, running coach and sports massage therapist) who not only talks the talk, she walks the walk – or in this case – runs. She is an adventure ultrarunner, mummy of one super-duper kiddo, freelance author, total non-domestic goddess (don’t ever invite her over and let her loose in your kitchen) and loves to help others chase their extraordinary. In 2017, Nikki ran 63 marathons in 63 days. In 2018, she ran around Ireland.

Paul Halme is a 3rd Degree Black Belt Brazilian Jiu Jitsu World Champion and the founder of Peak Performance MMA in Keller, Texas. The former Wall Street stock broker is also a serial entrepreneur, author, speaker and martial arts business coach.

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