Calling All Conscious Entrepreneurs
(B Corporation, Vegan, Ethical or Sustainable)

Does This Sound Like you?

  • You’ve got a world of knowledge and expertise inside your head, but you’ve no idea how to start downloading it into a book.
  • You’d love to be a published author, but you’re stuck on what to write about.
  • You’re scared to write a book in case you audience don’t like it (what will they think of me? AAAGH!)
  • You’re worried that your book will look like an amateurish mess and damage your reputation as you have no publishing experience
  • You wonder where on earth you’ll find the time to write a book when you’re already stretched juggling work and family.
  • You want to make a greater impact on the world with your business.

If one or more of the above sounds like you…

You’ve just found your book expert and publisher!

Tell me what your biggest book problem is…

I can help you tell your story, and transform you into a professionally published, bestselling business book author, without you needing ANY writing experience.


Imagine being a respected, published author with a book that:

  • boosts your visibility & credibility
  • effortlessly generates more leads & sales for your business
  • marks you out as an authority & thought leader in your industry
  • amplifies your voice to build a more caring, ethical sustainable, plant-based world

If You’ve Ever Wondered….

“How Can Writing a Book Change My Life?” 

You Need To Read This:


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As the author of four books, I know the huge difference it makes when you’re a published author. Mitali cuts through the BS and lifts the lid on how to use a business book as an incredible marketing tool, leaving your competition eating dust.

Brad Burton

The UK's #1 Motivational Business Speaker, Somerset, UK



I never believed I could write a book. I hated writing all my adult life.

I was a guinea pig for Let’s Tell Your Story when they first started. I laughed when they said I had the ability to write a book. And yet, they were right. What’s more, thanks to their encouragement, I have written six books now! I am truly staggered – and a little grateful! Being an author has brought me lots of exciting opportunities.

Jane Akshar

Owner, Flats in Luxor

I knew what I wanted to tell people. I just didn’t know how to make it into a book.

I started a chicken keeping business and wanted to share my expertise with people, so they had as much fun keeping chickens as I did.

I kept explaining the same thing over and over, and it was a relief to get all that knowledge in a practical book my customers could refer to. I knew they would look after their hens well.

Mark Burrows

Owner, Redlynch Farm

I made a start on my own but I ended up wasting endless hours researching.

As a professional athlete and former Team GB Paralympian, I wanted to make sure my wheelchair fitness book made the grade in terms of quality.

I tried to sort everything on my own, but it was so time-consuming my book project stalled. I’m so glad I asked the Let’s Tell Your Story team for help. Everything was so much simpler and quicker.

Dan Highcock

Professional wheelchair basketball player

This book would never have been completed or been so without Let’s Tell Your Story. They kept me on schedule and when I would get burned out they would push me to keep going.

Paul Halme

Three-times World Champion, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Peak Performance BJJ, Muay Thai & MMA

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